Paint Protective Film

The best way to protect your Sunday cruiser or investment is Paint Protective film. This thin and almost invisible film protects your car from damage by rocks, gravel, salt and scratches in an accident. This film is applicable to commercial and private vehicles, though it has many other useful application, these are the most popular.

Preserve your paint

Upkeep on paint can be a very costly and timely manner which is why Paint Protective film is so popular. No more swirls, rock chips, and fading with the application of PPF. Your paint will be in the same condition as right before the application of PPF so its important to get a correction to make it look its best!




XPEL's Ultimate Paint Protection film is class leading due to it durability and clarity. This combination has lead to this companies decision to mainly use this film. Although, if you are dead set on using another brand, we can install it all the same.