Automotive Wraps

Long Island Vinyl specializes in full paint color changes. With our 5 step cleaning process and full disassembly of the vehicle we ensure full tuck and flawless corners that ensures longevity of the final product. Full disassembly is imperative to achieve this and to put our clients at ease that their cars are in the right hands we contract out to respective dealership mechanics to disassemble and reassemble the vehicles so every clip and screw is in its original factory place.


Custom Wrapping

Wrapping interior pieces to tie the interior into the external color scheme is a common addition to our full color changes. Commercial applications such as floors, walls, and glass are also an option that we offer.


Boat Wraps

We offer sustainable boat wraps in either paint or print and can print any design you desire to really make your boat stand out for the season or promote your business. 



Commercial Wraps are a very popular way to advertise your business. We can work with you and our print shop to make a design or you can send us one to print.